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2016 - Let's Start As We Mean To Go On!

Pacifico Blues' Harp Player, Paul Pacifico writes...

Nearly 10 years ago, I got drunk at an AllStars Christmas party and played harmonica with the band.

As I got off stage, feeling a good mix of elation and shame as I hadn’t played in a long time, guitarist Chris Newland grabbed my shoulder and yelled the now immortal words “Hey - I love playing Blues - let’s form a band and play some Dives!”.

It took me quite a while to believe that he was serious but the band formed and evolved and even got some momentum.

Regrettably, like so many well-intentioned creative projects, over time we lost our way.

We began playing increasingly respectable establishments and even some festival gigs…it was just not what we set out to do.

However, all is not lost and we realised the error of our ways. 2016 sees the relaunch of Pacifico Blues with a renewed and reinvigorated sense of mission.

So please join us at our inaugural gig of 2016 at the Alley Cat on Denmark Street - not just ANY dive - but one of the last remaining and quite possibly THE quintessential Blues DIVE on London’s very own Tinpan Alley…

It might just be the most fun night out you can have in London for £5.

When: Friday 29th January from 8pm

Where: The Alley Cat - 4 Denmark St, London WC2H 8LP

Tickets: On the door only - £5

Find us:


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