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Pacifico Blues debut album 'One More Party'

At Last the debut album by Pacifico Blues, 'One More Party' is finished!

We are currently discussing release strategies and hope to have the album in circulation by the Summer of 2014.

We have been extremely grateful to all the people who have made this album possible - both with their performances and help behind the scenes. This album was made with and by friends as a labour of love and that remains something very special.

The album, which in true Blues style, was recorded in fewer than 3 days' of studio time was recorded by Steve Cooper of Radiotone Records at The Bunker studios in Welwyn (with horns recorded by Dave Liddell at Stoddard Studios in Penge).

In particular, our guest vocalists; Chantelle Duncan, Erica Steenkamp and Jocelyn Brown, our horns; Greg Heath, Kevin Robinson, Dave Liddell and Jamie Harris and the incredible rhythm section of Richard Simmons (Keys), Winston Blisset (Bass) and Tony Mason (Drums).

The wonderful legend that is Haydn Bendall mixed the album for us at The Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch and the album was mastered by Mazen Murad of Metropolis Studios.

The artwork for the albun, including the photography was wonderfully crafted by Greg Heath.

Do take the time to click on the links for these people as their CV's are immense and far too long to list in this short blog post!

Suffice it to say that we are very proud of the album and look forward to sharing it very this space for updates!

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