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13 October - Back Room Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, London
8th September - Back Room Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, London
11th August - Back Room Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, London
14th July - Back Room Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, London
6th February - The Bluebelle, Penge (Unplugged)
29th January - The alley Cat, Denmark St, London
3rd November - The Crypt at the Grand Elektra, Hastings
31st October - The Bluebelle, Penge (Unplugged)
19th September - The Bluebelle, Penge (Unplugged)
25th April - feat. Julie Payne - The Bluebelle, Penge (Unplugged)
24th April - feat. Julie Payne at The Westow House
30th January - feat. Julie Payne at The Westow House
31st January -The BlueBelle, Penge (Unplugged) 

21st December - Living Room Gig, Sussex

22nd November - The BlueBelle, Penge

4th October - The BlueBelle, Penge

2nd October - The Chandos Arms, Colindale

27th September - Anti Slavery International Gala, Grosvenor House Hotel

26th September - The Westow House, Crystal Palace

16th September - Home Spun Podcast live from Floripa, Shoreditch

11th September - BBC Club Showcase

9th September - The Fox and Firkin, Lewisham (supporting Good Company)

7th September - Live on BBC London with Gaby Roslin (from 15:00)

21st August - The Westow House, Crystal Palace

19th August - Cadogan Hall, London (Lunchtime)

27th July - The Faversham Classic Car Show

26th July - Private Event

25th July - FreeMusic festival at The Scoop

24th July - Birmingham Jazz & Blues Festival

17th July - Unplugged at the Westow House

5th July - The Hop Farm Festival

26th June - The Crystal Palace Festival

25th June - 'FGW Summer Tracks' at Paddington Station

19th April - Unplugged at The Bluebelle

17th April - Unplugged at The Westow House

20th March - Unplugged at The Westow House

8th February - Unplugged at The Bluebelle

23rd January - Unplugged at The Westow House


14th December - The Bluebelle12th December - The Westow House

7th December - Private Party

21st November - The Westow House

19th October - Private Party

17th October - The Westow House

5th October - Charity Recording - Abbey Road Studios

29th September - NFL - Wembley Stadium

28th September - The Lansdowne Club feat Adam Gussow

27th September - Private Party feat Adam Gussow

26th September - The Westow house

20th September - The Lansdowne Club

14th September - Private Party7th September - Private Party

22nd August - The Lansdowne Club

4th July – The Scoop at MoreLondon

25th July – The Lansdowne Club

20th June – The Westow House

29th June – The Bluebelle

16th May – The Westow House

25th May – The Bluebelle

6th April – The Bluebelle

18th April – The Westow House

16th March – The Bluebelle

23rd March – Private Party

14th February – The Westow House

17th January – The Westow House

26th January – Bluebelle, London


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